Mouki K. Butt


Curling rock and broom

Title: Rock the Ice | Date: 2017
Publication: The Broken City: A Magazine Winter 2017

Sad man at a grave

Title: Sad Sunset | Date: 2017
Publication: The Broken City: A Magazine Summer 2017

Cute pixelated burger Cute pixelated daikon Cute pixelated durian
Cute pixelated boba Cute pixelated cupcake Cute pixelated milk tea

Description: Happy pixel food
Series: Pixel Eats! | Date: 2015

Sad man with minister and doctor

Publication: Anglican Journal December 2015 | Art Director: S. Rowley
Recognition: 2nd place (Original Artwork - Newspaper), Canadian Church Press Awards

Canadian scenery with characters

Description: Illustrations for "Maple Leaf House" story
Client: Jude H. and Susan G. | Date: 2017

Girl juggling a soccer ball and a bus

Description: June Cover | Date: 2015
Client: TransLink | Publication: The Buzzer
See also: Rough Sketch | Finished Product | Web Banner

Ice cream cone dog

Titles: Ice Cream Chihuahua
Series: Sweet Pets | Date: 2016

A happy daikon on a bicycle

Title: Daikon Bike | Date: 2015
Series: Pixel Eats! (with Pride) | See also: Daikon Bike II!

Octopus taking a selfie with ships

Title: Octopus Selfie | Date: 2014
See also: Day version | Publication: The Broken City: A Magazine Summer 2014

Pixel sprites and props for animation

Description: Illustration & music for animation | Date: 2015
Watch it: Juggle Struggle (Animation by Sheena Gibbs)

Educational comic series

Description: Illustrations for e-learning course | Date: 2017
Client: Fraser Health Diversity Services | Project Leader: S. Fakih & N. Favaron
See also: Educational comic poster series | More info here
Copyright: © 2014-2017 Fraser Health

Whopper, Big Mac, Wendy's

Title: Burger Bullies | Date: 2015
Description: Sometimes burgers are jerks...

People with fun hair

Description: Notepad design | Date: 2016
Client: Palace Salon | See also: Good Hair Days

A happy family

Description: Custom family portrait
Client: Braden G. | Date: 2013

A cute family

Description: Custom family portrait
Client: Jen M. | Date: 2016

Happy bride and groom with earl grey donuts

Description: Customized Town People characters | Date: 2014
Series: Town People | Client: Sana for Krista & Lars

Chemist with beakers Doctor with otoscope and stethoscope
Girl scooping ice cream WWII soldier with poppies Girl with festive candy canes
Surgeon with scalpel and syringe Man singing with birds Plumber with a wrench and plunger
Girl with festive lights Ice cream man with treats Baker with whisk

Series: Town People | Date: 2013-2017
Publication: The Broken City: A Magazine Winter 2013