Mouki K. Butt


Scientist in lab

This is how science works! | 2018

Kawaii clouds and sun

Proud Cloud | 2018

Cute girl dancing gracefully Cute girl dancing joyfully Cute girl headbanging

Dance sprites | 2017 - in progress | Collaboration with Sheena Gibbs

Sad man at a grave

Sad Sunset | 2017 | Publication: The Broken City

Canadian scenery with characters

Maple Leaf House | 2017 | Client: J Henders and S. Green

Octopus taking a selfie with ships

Octopus Selfie | 2014 | Publication: The Broken City | See also: Day version

Patient education illustrations

Post-surgery series | 2018 - in progress | Client: Fraser Health | Project Leader: L. Nelson | © Fraser Health

Hamburgers: Whopper, Big Mac, and Wendy's

Burger Bullies | 2015

Girl juggling a soccer ball and a bus
Two happy people dancing at a bus stop Man thinking at a bus stop

Cover illustrations | 2015, 2014, 2010 | Publication: The Buzzer | Art Directors: R. Willis, J. Despins

Family receiving health care

E-learning illustrations | 2017 | Client: Fraser Health Diversity Services | Project Leader: S. Fakih & N. Favaron | © Fraser Health

Curling rock and broom

Curling | 2017 | Publication: The Broken City

A lynx and some random things

Miscellaneous Lynx | 2018 | Publication: The Broken City

Little Edie with her book and magnifying glass Little Edie and her VMI dance

Portraits of Little Edie Beale | 2015, 2014

Sad man with minister and doctor

Mental Health | 2015 | Publication: The Anglican Journal | Art Director: S. Rowley

Animals and cottonwood trees

Pamphlet illustrations | 2018 - in progress | Client: Fraser Health | Project Leader: J. Pfund | © Fraser Health

Ice cream cone chihuahua Black jelly bean labrador dog Cupcake cat with rainbow sprinkles

Sweet Pets | 2016

Ghosts at their summer home

Haunted Summer | 2015 | Publication: The Broken City | Animated by Sheena Gibbs

Chemist with beakers Doctor with otoscope and stethoscope
Ice cream man with treats Plumber with a wrench and plunger Baker with whisk
Surgeon with scalpel and syringe Man singing with birds

Town People | 2013-2017

Happy bride and groom with earl grey donuts

Krista & Lars | 2014 | Client: S. Fakih

Pixel Art

Cute pixelated durian Cute pixelated boba
Cute pixelated cupcake Cute pixelated milk tea
Cute pixelated daikon Cute pixelated burger

Happy Pixel Food | 2015

Pixel sunset, mountains, and ocean

Pixel Sunset | 2018

Pixel sushi Pixel coffee cup Pixel drinks
Pixel hamburger, fries, and rootbeer Pixel rain cloud
Rainbow pixel hearts Rainbow pixel name: GIO Rainbow pixel ribbons
Rainbow pixel circles Rainbow pixel unicorn Rainbow pixel eq

Animated GIFs for LED display (CAT Clutch wearable tech) | 2017 | Client: Creative Arts and Technology

Pixel sprites and props for animation

Pixel sprites | 2015 | Animated by Sheena Gibbs

Pixel constellations Pixel sunset with stars
Pixel Princess Celestia mane Pixel adventure game graphics

Pixel art for Wolf Eel Beale songs | 2018, 2017

A happy daikon on a bicycle

Daikon Bike | 2015 | See also: Daikon Bike II

Illustrative Design

Infographic poster

Conference poster | 2018 | Client: Fraser Health | Project Leader: C. Wilson | © Fraser Health

Diverse happy people

Welcome sign | 2016 | Client: Comox Valley Child Development Association

Health care comics

Poster series | 2014-2016 | Client: Fraser Health Diversity Services | Project Leader: S. Fakih | More info | © Fraser Health

Colourful bicycle rack designs

Bike rack crossbar concepts | 2015 | Client: Urban Racks

COPD course graphics

E-learning visuals | 2014 | Client: Fraser Health Online Learning | Project Leader: T. Grady | © Fraser Health

Bicycle thief

Print advert | 2016 | Client: Urban Racks


Mouki bio pic

Hi! My name is Mouki. I am an illustrator who loves creating diverse characters, drawing cute things, and making animated GIFs. I also love brainstorming ideas and finding ways to communicate complex concepts through illustrative design.

I'm one half of the Brainstorm Buddies - a collaborative project with my talented friend Sheena Gibbs. I also write songs and produce music as Wolf Eel Beale.

I live on the west coast of Canada, so I also enjoy swimming in the ocean and playing hacky sack (footbag).

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☎ 604-816-6851

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